Friday, 23 October 2020

Kaya Fraser responds to A is for Avant Garde, Z is for Zero

Shot description and workbook for Riddles of the Sphinx, Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, C. 1977
Installation views, Cooper Gallery 2020. Photos by Kaya Fraser

The Familiar

Lockdown domestic viewing rooms

screens + art, screens + talks, screens + films

screens, you will not find in the stream,

missing and embracing the familiar concurrently

the old familiar doors are open, viewing rooms returned

processes of sharing spaces transparently vail the displays

similarities transpire, drawn from their domestic versions

like private viewing to embrace, the room is yours

I took the room for myself, rejoicing in the carefully curated

inside a vitrine a single side of A4 with typed text, spins in my memory,

the words 'SPHINX' and 'KITCHEN' rekindle,

the domestic and institutional collide

I'm at my kitchen table, I have signed into culture

like every scene, her room, it spins, I look up to my room

stationary I sit, still, the walls move clockwise, eyes closed

the projection of the domestic engrained in the memory


Exhibition invigilators were invited to respond to an aspect of the exhibition A is for Avant-Garde, Z is for Zero

Kaya Fraser is an artist, DJCAD graduate and committee member of GENERATORprojects. Visit her website:

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