Thursday, 21 January 2016

TONIGHT /// Preview & Performance event at ALL SYSTEMS... go, 5.30 - 7.30pm

Tonight marks the launch of Cooper Gallery's 2016 moving image exhibition ALL SYSTEMS... go, featuring internationally respected artists Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle, esteemed film maker Miranda Pennell and emerging artist Dominic Watson. A live performance conceived by Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle will be presented by award winning Scottish actor Billy Mack at the Preview.

Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle, still from A Guiding Light, 2010. Image courtesy of the artists.

Taken from the space missions of the 1960s, ALL SYSTEMS... go is the terminology of an irreversible act. Still used at the launch of space missions and ballistic missiles, this phrase has now entered the banal vernacular of project management and institutional administration. Wherever it is uttered, 'all systems go' implies that there is no turning back and no escape from what has been initiated.

Dominic Watson, still from Like a Rolling Stone, 2012. Image courtesy of the artist.

Screened in a synchronised arrangement, the three moving image works in ALL SYSTEMS... go hollow out moments in unstoppable systems, underscoring the inescapable conditions of contemporary power infrastructure and its discourses. Enabling the discursive and the improbable, the compromise and the negotiation as disruptive practices, the featured works interrupt the hardwired trajectories that are pre-loaded into the systems propelling all aspects of our world.

During the Performance at the Preview, award winning actor Billy Mack will present a new performance conceived by Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle.

Miranda Pennell, still from Tattoo, 2001. Image courtesy of the artist.

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