Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cooper Summer Residency | Paul Noble suggested reading

For Cooper Summer Residency [online] Paul Noble shares a suggested reading list ahead of his upcoming exhibition, Politics of Small Places, with works by Patrick Geddes at Cooper Gallery in September 2018.

Paul Noble suggested reading:

Nawaal El-Sadaawi, God Dies by the Nile, 1985
Heinrich von Kleist, The Earthquake in Chile, 1807
Svetlana Alexievic, Second Hand Time, 2013
Jean Joseph Goux, Oedipus, Philosopher, 1993
Michel Serres, Statues, 1987
Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies, 1951
Samuel Beckett, Mercier & Camier, 1970
Samuel Beckett, Watt, 1953
Gerrit Achterberg, Ballad of the Gasfitter, 1977
Franz Kafka, The Burrow, 1931
Thomas Bernhard, Gargoyles, 1967

During the residency artist Paul Noble and Architecture Reader Lorens Holm engage in a public conversation shared across Cooper Gallery’s websites and social media.

Cooper Summer Residency 2018 [online]
Lorens Holm + Paul Noble
2 July - 13 September 2018