Monday, 18 March 2013

Notes on Printed Matter and the power of networking.

As Printed Matter comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect and talk a little about the project. The Cooper Gallery Program provides a platform for budding student curators such as myself to explore and act upon artistic interests. Anne D'Harnoncourt, director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, described curators as 'enablers, if you will, as being crazy about art and they want to share their being crazy about art with other people... I think of curators as opening people's eyes to the pleasure of art, to the strength of art, to the subersiveness of art, whatever it is' (D'Harnoncourt 2011). I wouldn't state this definition as absolute. But in the context of Printed Matter I would say this notion comes very close to how I considered myself in relation to the project. I have a passion for the widening position of print within contemporary culture. I hope that by bringing together such a wonderful variety of artists who work closely with print, that the exhibition has contributed to the discourse surrounding print and print process. 

The idea began with an open call inviting artists to propose a work or series of works surrounding the theme Printed Matter/Print Process. I networked the open call across the country and abroad and received an amazing response. Printed Matter was created to explore the physicality of print yet the artistic correspondence and planning exists almost entirely online. I hope that the project emphasises the power of new media and virtual networking. We ran a virtual platform ( for the contributing artists to use however they felt appropriate for the project. I have learnt a great deal from Printed Matter about planning a curatorial project. As I come ever closer to graduation... I encourage anyone reading this with an interest in curatorial practice to get involved with the Cooper Gallery Program as I know I will miss it!
Sean Scott.

Obrist, U. (2011) A Brief History of Curating. Zurich:JRP Ringier.   

interAction(s) Week 2

11th - 15th March

Artist B

Artist A

 Artist B

Artist A

Curator Intervenes

Artist B

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Week 4 - 10 March
Artist A:
Thirty-four on rings and he knew what he was doing.

Artist B:
Artist A:
Walking in a exaggerated manner around the perimeter of a square.
The Curator:
A spontaneous decision was to 'interact' and join the two artworks with a red ribbon...
Artist B:
Artist A:
But not necessarily. Think outside of it.
She paints like Gauguin by the way.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lynda's 'zine

Lynda Morris / Dear Lynda......

Lynda Morris 'zine/catalogue illustrates the Curator's personal journey, beginning with a chance encounter with the Rolling Stones in 1962, and leading to Marc Camille Chaimowicz's exhibition Jean Genet...The Courtesy of Objects, in 2012 at Norwich University College of the Arts, where Morris is Professor of Curation. The 'zine includes a conversational text by Lynda Morris which guides us, like an inspiring novel, through her friendships with artists and her life in the art scene. The exhibition draws on her encounters with some of the greatest artists of the century, including Gilbert & George, Richard Hamilton, John Baldessari, Art & Language, Marcel Broothaers, Stephen McKenna, John Wonnacott, David Lamelas and many more. 1

'zine arrived in hot off the press this morning and will be available to purchase at tonight's Salon with Lynda and Friday's Preview.

priced £6

Lynda Morris will be in conversation with Scottish Painter Sandy Moffat in tonight's Salon at 4.30 pm  in the Cooper Gallery Space

Exhibition preview takes place this Friday 8th of March  following Morris in conversation with Simon Groom, Director of Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

4.30 pm: Salon

6 -  7.30 pm: Preview

Press info from  - Gallery talk at Chelsea Space July 2012.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dear Lynda

In the Cooper Gallery yesterday the install began of Dear Lynda... this has continued today with help from DJCAD's Curatorial Team members. Today it has been great to see the DJCAD Curatorial Team working on the install of the Dispatches part of the exhibition. Last week Curatorial Team members received training in Collections Handling from Exhibitions DJCAD technician Andrew Dodds and they have straight away put this training to good use!

Yesterday the first event of Dear Lynda.. was held - Drinking with Gilbert & George 1972-1976. Lynda Morris spoke about the early years of her career and the friendships and working relationships instigated in this time. Lynda shared extracts from her diary including key people she came into contact with and some of the debaucherous moments she enjoyed with Gilbert & George!

We are now preparing for todays an In Conversation event between Lynda Morris and Artist and DJCAD Tutor Graham Fagen starting at 4:30pm! 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Salon with Lynda...

This week we are hosting the Salon with Lynda... event series which includes a talk by Lynda Morris on 'Drinking with Gilbert & George 1972 – 76' and three In Conversation events with Graham FagenSandy Moffat and Simon Groom.

The events, which will happen on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, are all free and open to all - please book so we know you are coming:

We would like to share some Lynda Morris links in advance of the events. There is so much to choose from across Lynda Morris' career but here are a few to start with. If these prompt any questions you would like to put to Lynda please let us know ( #DearLynda on Twitter for questions and to follow the conversation ) : 

Picasso: Peace and Freedom | Tate (will come up in conversation with Simon Groom on Fri)

The legendary EASTinternational which Lynda Morris established in 1991 in Norwich, the website gives an amazing overview of the artists and selectors involved (will come up in the conversation with Graham Fagen on Tues)  

The Midland Group, where Lynda was Exhibitions Organiser in the 1970s (will come up in the conversation with Sandy Moffat on Wed)

Some links for research areas and publishing by Lynda Morris 
Artists' International Association

Unconcealment and Sophie Richards

The Book as Artwork with Germano Celant

André Cadere

Looking forward to seeing you this week

Friday, 1 March 2013



Day after the launch - Friday 1 March
On my way to the wood workshop I was thiinking that it must be near the time when Artist B,
Liam Dunn should start his artwork, his response to Artist A, Rachael Disbury's artwork.
I was pleasantly surprised to find Liam almost totally emerged in the Cabinet - creating his first response.
This is how Matthew Cabinet looks now. It will remain like this until Monday, 4 March.



Rachael read out the 1st text. In it she stated the name of her work already on display in the Cabinet:
Everything I've Ever Seen (2006 - 2011), 2012
Liam unfolded the 'bundle' containing his art material - charcoal.
He placed the charcoal on a wee shelf.


interAction(s) -The Contract

The 'terms and conditions' of this project are explained and stated in The Contract.
Somehow it all seems very controlled but we do hope that artworks would surpass the rules in the best way, unpredictable and unexpected.


interAction(s) is a project/exhibition curated by Lada Wilson, Fine Art student and member of the Student Curatorial team. interAction(s) consists of an evolving assemblage of texts and images. It is the presentation of a ‘process’; it is an ongoing work-in-progress.


This exhibition was inspired by the work of two artists - Rachael Disbury and Liam Dunn and the chosen site, the Matthew Cabinet, which creates a perfect venue for a three-week long artistic interaction. The two artists will create a visual dialogue: they will create visual poetry by reacting to each other’s work. Each day Rachael will write a text, each night Liam will create an artwork inspired by that text.

This is a Student Curatorial Team Project

Matthew Cabinet is at the rear of the
Matthew Building, DJCAD on Level 5.



A brief introduction of the project by curator Lada Wilson.

Rachael Disbury (Artist A) signed The Contract.
Liam Dunn (Artist B) signed The Contract.

Lada Wilson (Curator) signed The Contract.