Friday, 11 December 2020

Sara Pakdel-Cherry recalls performing M.Lohrum's participatory work 'You are It'

It hurts.

It really hurts my arm, my right arm.
I am drawing circles in full length of my arm.
It hurts.
My arm feels heavy.
Is my arm dying?
Is it going to fall off?
All these questions circulating in my mind, but I still do not stop.
I cannot stop.
I am in a trance.
Draw, circle, draw, circle. 
Who am I sacrificing my arm for?
Why am I doing this?
This is not me; I want to stop.
Make it stop.
I followed 5 step instructions written by M.Lohrum on the wall.
Who is that?
Secret agency? Government?
Who am I?
Why can't I stop?
It hurts.
It really hurts.

Photo by Eoin Carey

M.Lohrum's participatory artwork You are It 2009 is on show at Cooper Gallery as part of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020 exhibition. 

Sara Pakdel-Cherry is a DJCAD student.