Friday, 16 March 2018

Ingela Ihrman: We Thrive | Reading List

Ingela Ihrman has selected material to contextualise the thinking around We Thrive, the artist's first solo-exhibition in the UK.

Study Area at exhibition preview. Photography by Ross Fraser McLean.

Jan Lindblad, Anakondabrottningen (The Anaconda wrestling), 1967:
Jan Lindblad, video compilation of nature documentaries for TV:

Ingela Ihrman, Green Paradises, notes on Jan Lindblad, 2018
Ingela Ihrman, Seaweedsbladet #1, 2017
Stina Nyberg & Sofia Wiberg, The Practice of Listening, 2017, (Paletten Art Journal # 307-308)
Maria Lind, The Transforming wonders of the natural world, 2015 (Art Review March 2015)
Emanuele Coccia, on plants, interviewed by Olivier Zahm, 2017 (purple MAGAZINE, 25YRS Anniversary issue)
Mary Midgley, Beast and Man, 1979 (Routledge)
Chus Martinez, Marianna Vecellio, Metamorphoses, 2018 (Castello di Rivoli)

Further reading suggested by Ingela Ihrman:

Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts, 2015 (Graywolf Press)
Marston Bates, The forest and the sea, 1960 (Vintage Books)
Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble, 2016 (Duke University Press)
Donna Haraway, The Companion Species Manifesto, 2003 (University of Chicago Press)
Elsa Beskow, The Sun Egg, 1993
Elsa Beskow, Children of the Forest, 1987
Elsa Beskow, The Flower Festival, 2010 (Floris Books)
The work of the Swedish ethnobiologist Ingvar Svanberg

Ingela Ihrman
We Thrive

9 March – 13 April 2018