Friday, 31 May 2013


Current Project

interAction(s) early summer intermezzo

Until 21 June, 2013


Holding on to the past and yet searching for new pastures, Lada Wilson, visual artist and curator of the Matthew Cabinet, has placed part of her degree show work in the enclosure of Matthew Cabinet. What used to be a nice grassy ‘field’ is now a makeshift landscape where Lada has planted some more grass in the hope that it will grow.

This 3-week long project investigates notions of presence and the transience of life.

This is a summer intermezzo before an Open Call for interAction(s) 2 goes public in September 2013.

The curatorial project interAction(s) was inspired by the physicality of the exhibition venue — the Matthew Cabinet. The first phase of interAction(s), 1 March – 20 May, 2013 highlighted the work of two emerging artists: Rachael Disbury and Liam Dunn.


Monday, 20 May 2013

interAction(s) ON REFLECTION


1 March – 20 May, 2013

Matthew Cabinet

on reflection


The curatorial project interAction(s) by Lada Wilson was inspired by the physicality of the exhibition venue — the Matthew Cabinet — and by the work of two emerging artists: Rachael Disbury and Liam Dunn.

The art practices of the two artists are different. They are close friends but never collaborated in the past. The fact that they are friends made for a positive process and outcome and worked well from the start of the project.

The artists mutually agreed to put their verbal communication on halt and “defriended” each other on Facebook, which, as a social medium, supported the project throughout its duration.


The starting point of the project was placing Rachael’s work All I’ve Ever Seen, 2006-2010 in the cabinet. Alongside was a small shelf to the left and a slightly longer shelf on the right hand side of the Cabinet: i.e. Liam’s artistic space.

This work was chosen as a ‘constant’ — a static point for what was intended to be a rather dynamic exhibition.


From the start, organising the project was a positive but daunting experience. Learning through hard work, mostly on my own, was extremely rewarding. Working together with the two artists was incredibly harmonious and everything worked out so well, sometimes I felt that we did not need to talk or communicate our ideas and still we would have understood each other. I am very thankful to Rachael and Liam for willingness to work with me and all their enthusiasm and creativity they put into the project.

Furthermore I have learned that I have improved my interaction with the social media and advertising. Also, it is never a bad idea to improve the ‘art’ of delegating…



we are all here now, frozen in place. snow is melting. spring is here.
interAction(s), April 2013


InterAction(s) is a project that constantly evolves, for me it does not end. At the moment I am putting together all the material to create curator’s notes – a book of notes and images that have played a role in the project. A more formal book, one more like an exhibition catalogue is also planned for the future.



Overall interAction(s) received a very positive response.

Some, very few, did not understand the concept but were willing to ask and engage in dialogue. For most, the constantly changing visuals were highly interesting.

Happy to receive more feedback on


I would like to carry on as the curator for interAction(s) in the Matthew Cabinet.

I am writing a proposal for an Open Call for artists (students or graduates) to submit proposals for a visual dialogue in the Matthew Cabinet to take place early in Semester 1, September/October 2013. I am happy to select two artist for interAction(s)2 or even involve one or both artists from the previous interAction(s) to express their opinion and get involved in the selection.