Friday, 31 May 2013


Current Project

interAction(s) early summer intermezzo

Until 21 June, 2013


Holding on to the past and yet searching for new pastures, Lada Wilson, visual artist and curator of the Matthew Cabinet, has placed part of her degree show work in the enclosure of Matthew Cabinet. What used to be a nice grassy ‘field’ is now a makeshift landscape where Lada has planted some more grass in the hope that it will grow.

This 3-week long project investigates notions of presence and the transience of life.

This is a summer intermezzo before an Open Call for interAction(s) 2 goes public in September 2013.

The curatorial project interAction(s) was inspired by the physicality of the exhibition venue — the Matthew Cabinet. The first phase of interAction(s), 1 March – 20 May, 2013 highlighted the work of two emerging artists: Rachael Disbury and Liam Dunn.


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