Friday, 1 March 2013


interAction(s) is a project/exhibition curated by Lada Wilson, Fine Art student and member of the Student Curatorial team. interAction(s) consists of an evolving assemblage of texts and images. It is the presentation of a ‘process’; it is an ongoing work-in-progress.


This exhibition was inspired by the work of two artists - Rachael Disbury and Liam Dunn and the chosen site, the Matthew Cabinet, which creates a perfect venue for a three-week long artistic interaction. The two artists will create a visual dialogue: they will create visual poetry by reacting to each other’s work. Each day Rachael will write a text, each night Liam will create an artwork inspired by that text.

This is a Student Curatorial Team Project

Matthew Cabinet is at the rear of the
Matthew Building, DJCAD on Level 5.



A brief introduction of the project by curator Lada Wilson.

Rachael Disbury (Artist A) signed The Contract.
Liam Dunn (Artist B) signed The Contract.

Lada Wilson (Curator) signed The Contract.

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