Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Shadow Groups continued action..

Last month DJCAD was represented by MFA students Joanne MacFadyen, Sinead Bligh and Rowan Richardson when they travelled to London as a shadow group that reacted to 'An Action of Words: Collaborating With An Event', at the Cooper Gallery's off-site project at the RCA. This was in continuation of 'A Cut A Scratch A Score: A Comic Opera in Three Parts' by David Barnett, Sam Belifante and Bruce McLean at the Cooper Galley in October 2011. 
They worked in situ between the Hockney Gallery, RCA, and an enclosed courtyard space in their accommodation, 9 Talbot Square, London. Here they created work that explores issues in relation to the persistence and mediation of an event and the nature of collaboration, through the practice of making, writing and utilising the displaced witness of social media.
The material generated throughout and as a result of their interaction will continue to be found here at and will be realised back in Scotland this summer in DJCAD.

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