Thursday, 17 April 2014

Exhibitions' Student Curatorial Team Workshops & Discussions

This Semester has seen three Student Curatorial Team Workshops to support members of DJCAD Student Curatorial Team with the preparations and presentations of their projects.

Andrew Dodds, Exhibitions Technician introduced the team to the importance of project planning and how to care for and work with artworks through two workshops: 

Exhibition Project Planning Workshop & Artwork Handling & Care Workshop.

This is the second year that Andrew has given these workshops and the students have always found them helpful and informative, with the advice he shares enabling them to take on their own exhibitions with confidence.

Andrew Dodds with members of the Student Curatorial Team discussing artworks, handling and care.

In March, Sean Scott (Current Designer in Residence at DJCAD and graduate member of the SCT) and Katie Reid (Curatorial Assistant, Exhibitions DJCAD and graduate member of the SCT) held SCT Workshop: Working Through Ideas, a workshop to support SCT members to 'work through' their own ideas with the aim that members could leave the workshop with plans for their exhibition/event/project underway - knowing what questions had been answered and what questions remained. 

Set against a backdrop of images from previous SCT projects the conversation unfolded. Through advice and reflection from Sean and Katie touching upon marketing, logistics, communication, fundraising etc. and how these shape the ideas you have and help them take form, the team began discussing their ideas for a range of projects that will hopefully manifest over the months to come.

Sean Scott with members of the Student Curatorial Team discussing new projects.

Ideas shared at the meeting:

Fine Art & Architecture Exhibition:
Highlight and investigate some of the material and aesthetic similarities between selected Fine Art students and Architecture students from DJCAD that have a connection with use of concrete, building materials, structure, architectural structure/methodologies etc.
Early May in Cooper Gallery Project Space.

​WWI Remembrance Project:
Commemorate those who died or were affected by the war during it's 100th anniversary with particular attention to the community of Scone. ​Initially includes exhibition in Scone displaying works made by community groups in that area. This will be held in Spring 2015.
--- It was also discussed that there may be potential to bring some of these works into DJCAD to display alongside other works made by tutors or students. This is in the early stages of discussion. Likely to be 2015.

QR Codes:
Project exploring use of QR codes as a means for interacting with art. QR codes in the gallery/on posters to enable access to digital content online? Lots of ideas were discussed in relation to this project and how it could move forward. Also points were raised that some visitors may not be able to use QR codes so to consider how this could affect their access to the project.

Re-unification (2):
Group exhibition of works by students who first met during year long fine art course in Edinburgh. They have held group exhibitions together in the past and this would be the first exhibition in Dundee.
Possibly in September or early Semester 1.

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