Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Memories I No Longer Need – A Conversation Between Jonathan Baxter & Pete Kinnear

The Relics of Attachment Part II Preview event on Thursday, was followed by an In Conversation event of Friday 15th of February. This took the form of a conversation and unpacking of a box of Relics from the show, between Jonathan Baxter and the original owner of the box and its contents, Pete Kinnear.

The title the box was given when it became an artwork was ‘Memories I No Longer Need’ with the description attached, “an exchange of archives from Pete Kinnear to Jonathan Baxter, from Jonathan Baxter to Rachael Disbury, from Rachael Disbury to Relics of Attachment.”

The conversation was attended by 23 artists. It became a very animated hour or so. A particularly fond moment involved Pete unpacking a ball of twine from the box. Jonathan attached this to his coffee mug and threw it into the audience. Within 5 minutes the entire audience was intertwined.

Huge thanks are due to Jonathan and Pete for providing a very enjoyable afternoon. 

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