Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Thanks for all the FUN!

The Student Curatorial Team has been a busy bunch! There are a handful of exhibitions occurring (6x4, Printed Matter, Relics of Attachment to name a few) and everyone has been super supportive - you will probably recognize some of the Fun A Day participants from the below pictures when you head to art previews happening in the coming months (or tomorrow night - see Relics of Attachment ll previewAfter Party at Boudoir, and on Friday at 1pm A Conversation Between Jonathan Baxter and Peter Kinnear)

Fun A Day Dundee 2013 was a huge success due to a lot of hard work, and tons of support. Thank You!

Here is how it looked at Roseangle on Friday night:

It was busy, bustling, and there was a lot of art. 38 people participated - here is a map from the exhibition:

Matt-R gave a performance titled 'the Rose or die Rose - Roseangle Cafe Arts Fun A Day Dundee Two Thousand and Thirteen'

Playground Tactics also rocked out to a packed room.

I will post a few more images, but for a more extensive look, check out this post on the Fun A Day Dundee blog.

This is a corner featuring photographs and drawings. The artists (from top to bottom) include Alistair Wilson, Mai Mishima, Gerard O'Brien, Sarah Gittins, and Tara Chaloner.

And here is Lada Wilson's piece 'Let There Be Light'

Hazel Saunderson made 'A Postcard to Myself'

The after-party was at Redd on Session st, and combined with the DCA's party for the new exhibition by Jutta Koether called Season's and Sacraments.

Until next year...


Morgan Cahn

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