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ALL SYSTEMS... go /// Reading Lists

Cooper Gallery's 2016 moving image exhibition opened on Thursday 21 January 2016 with the Preview & Performance conceived by Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle and presented by award winning Scottish actor Billy Mack.

Image: Billy Mack presenting "The Incomplete Curator", a performance conceived by Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle at the Preview & Performance at ALL SYSTEMS... go. Photo credit: Tom Nolan.

To coincide with ALL SYSTEMS... go, we asked the artists to share with us a ‘suggested reading list’ of essays or publications that expand upon ideas related to their practice.


Below are the suggestions...

Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle Suggested Readings

Liam Gillick, “Maybe it would be better if we worked in groups of three? Part 1 of 2: The Discursive”, e-flux journal #2, 01/2009. link:
Liam Gillick, “Maybe it would be better if we worked in groups of three? Part 2 of 2: The Experimental Factory”, e-flux journal #3, 02/2009, link:
Liam Gillick, “The Good of Work”, e-flux journal #16, 05/2010, link:
Anton Vidokle, “Art without Work?”, e-flux journal #29, 11/2011, link:
Anton Vidokle, “Art Without Artists?”, e-flux journal #16, 05/2010, link:
Anton Vidokle, “Art without Market, Art without Education: Political Economy of Art”, e-flux journal #43, 03/2013, link:

Miranda Pennell Suggested Readings

Bertolt Brecht, War Primer, (1998), ed. John Willett (London: London : Libris).
Victor Burgin, The Remembered Film, (2004), (London: Reaktion).
Italo Calvino, Invisible cities, (1974), (London: Vintage).
Avery Gordon, Ghostly Matters : Haunting and the Sociological Imagination, (2008), (Minneapolis, Minn. ; London: University of Minnesota Press).
Bruce Jenkins, On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters: the Writings of Hollis Frampton, (2009), (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press), 33-55.
E. J. Hobsbawm, ‘Introduction’, in The invention of tradition, (1983), Hobsbawm, T. O. Ranger, (eds.)(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992).
Allan Sekula, The Body and the Archive, October, 39 (Winter, 1986), 3-64.
Garrett Stewart, Between Film and Screen : Modernism’s Photo Synthesis, (1999), (Chicago: University of Chicago Press).
Isabel Strengers, Reclaiming Animism, (2012), e-flux journal #36, 07/2012. link:

Film and video:
48. Susana De Sousa Diaz, (2010), Portugal. 93 minutes.
The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu. Andrei Ujica, (2010), Romania. 180 minutes
Unsere Afrikareise. Peter Kubelka, (1966), Austria. 13 minutes

Dominic Watson Suggested Reading List

John Fante, Road To LA, (1986), (Black Sparrow Press).
Bertolt Brecht, The Street Scene: A Basic Model for Epic Theatre from Brecht on Theatre: The Development of an Aesthetic Ed., (1950), ed John Willet (London: Methuen).
John Gray,  The Soul of The Marrionette, A Short Enquiry into Human Freedom (Allen Lane).
Eugene Thacker, In The Dust of This Planet (Horror of Philosophy), (2011), (Zero Books).
Timothy Morton, The Poetics of Spice: Romantic Consumerism and the Exotic, (2000), (Cambridge University Press).
Philip K Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, (2010), (Gollancz).

Image: Installation view at Preview & Performance of ALL SYSTEMS... go. Photo credit: Tom Nolan.

ALL SYSTEMS... go is Cooper Gallery's 2016 moving image exhibition featuring internationally respected artists Liam Gillick & Anton Vidokle, esteemed film-maker Miranda Pennell and emerging artist and recent MFA graduate Dominic Watson.

For more information about the exhibition, please see our website:

Exhibition: 22 January - 27 February 2016
Dance & Poetry: Wednesday 17 February 2016, 6.30 - 8.00pm
Screening & In Conversation: Wednesday 24 February 2016, 6.30 - 8.00pm

For more information about these events, please see:

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