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Exhibitions DJCAD Student Curatorial Team members Sophie Suominen, Lily Hassioti, Ally Kay and Genni Meikleham have developed the collaborative project PROJECTile for Cooper Gallery Project Space. Read on to discover more about their project and its development...

PROJECTile is a collaborative workspace fuelled by the ethos of open-source and a passion for digital art and realized through our collective learning of Projection Mapping.

Inviting people from across Dundee, PROJECTile transformed the Cooper Gallery Project Space into a space for experimentation and the sharing of ideas. Together we discovered the world of projection mapping and created moving-image works.

Please join  us at the Exhibition on Thursday 25 February 2016 in Cooper Gallery Project Space from
18:00 – 20:00. Come celebrate our discoveries and a have a beer and a chat.

The PROJECTile exhibition is the outcome of a 2-day WorkRoom in which we collectively learnt projection mapping through experimentation, discovering new open-source software and sharing of ideas. 

WorkRoom participants include:
Scott Smith (Postgraduate Research, DJCAD);
Tina Scopa (Fine Art DJCAD);
Paige Barrett (Animation DJCAD);
Anna Hedstrom(Fine Art DJCAD, Exchange from Australia);
Adam Rapley (Ethical Hacking, Abertay);
Ilona Gatherer (Visual Communications, Abertay);
Naya Magaliou-Soulein (Fine Art, DJCAD);
Caitlin Bowbeer (Illustration, DJCAD);
Ally Kay( Fine Art, DJCAD) and
Genni Meikleham (Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practice, DJCAD).

PROJECTile Exhibitors include: Naya Magaliou-Soulein; Adam Rapley and Anna Hedstrom; Caitlin Bowbeer; Ilona Gatherer and a live music set by Callum Mackie, Jamie Watt and Kieran Milne, Visuals by Sophie Suominen and Lily Hassioti.

Projectile WorkRoom, Everyone is busy playing and discovering. The Cooper Gallery Project Space, Photograph by Lily Hassioti. 2016.

The WorkRoom... 
We began the first day with a discussion of current art works and practices at the forefront of moving-image and digital production around the globe. This was followed by a brief showcase of methods which utilize the open source software available to successfully wrap a video round an object: thereby rendering the object reanimated. Playing and working collaboratively over coffee and the necessary biscuits, the WorkRoom became illuminated with moving image.

The next day we looked at ways in which our relatively basic software could be expanded. We gathered ideas for the upcoming exhibition of work produced within the workspace.  Moving away from mapping simple geometric shapes to showcasing moving image onto performers, distorting text, splitting beams and making the images dance across the room. Together we created environments viewers could become enveloped in or displays fit for VJ nights.

Experimentation by Ilona Gatherer, Tina Scopa and Paige Barrett.
The Cooper Gallery Project Space, Photograph by Lily Hassioti, 2016.

Its safe to say we all had fun and pushed moving image beyond the frame.

PROJECTile, the idea beyond the happening, came from what we recognise to be a desire to make and experience digital art in Dundee and within Scotland.

The WorkRoom was a chance for artists and practitioners in Dundee to have the ability to work collaboratively and learn together. Digital art online is for the most part open-source: the software is shared freely to enable people to create art works in which quite often, they then give back to the ‘system’ by publishing the means of how to make their works for anyone to learn from, as well as re-create the results.

Photograph by Lily Hassioti. 2016.

Digital art is autonomous in some respects and characteristics of this open-source community appear to correlate with the art scene within Dundee. We recognize the city to be a hive of practitioners that thrive on the inspiration of each other’s practices. At the forefront of community-based work here are collaborative practices. Our aim is to bring another artistic face to Dundee by working together to facilitate more opportunities to share our creations and knowledge, which can in turn feed into our individual practices. Each one of us has a certain set of skills and sharing them not only enables a wealth of knowledge, it also encourages new ways of thinking and different forms of practice.

PROJECTile, we hope will be the kindling for future sparks of open sharing and happenings in Dundee....

For more information about the Student Curatorial Team, an initiative developed by Exhibitions DJCAD, please see this webpage.

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